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By: moonphish

Page 1, the last two verses actually happened to a friend of mine

i got a job to drive a cab

and i began that service
although the thought of doing this
quite frankly made me nervous
the first day someone left the cab
before they'd left me money
i had to make it up myself
which i found quite unfunny
the second day i had a drunk
who couldn't hold his liquor
i could have saved a clean up bill
if only i'd been quicker
the third day i picked up a fare
and drove him to his address
when i arrived my tire was flat
which caused me grief and sadness
the fourth day i ran out of gas
when i was on the freeway
i thought i'd lose my job for sure
but i was granted leeway
the fifth day some guy pulled a gun
and ripped me off quite blindly
he then relieved me of my keys
which i found most unkindly
so now i drive an ice cream truck
and have no reservations
there's just good humor in the back
and never bad vibrations

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