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By: moonphish

Page 1, call me ?

that multi-chipped computer

wrapped inside that plastic shell
was once the little brainchild
of ol' alexander bell
he hollered out for watson
when spilled acid made him wince
and now it seems the whole wide world
has hollered ever since
we telephone our neighbors
and we telephone our folks
we cry about our sorrows
and we laugh about our jokes
but mister bell would never guess
what might have happened next
now, we don't even need to speak
we merely have to text
we text in weirdly coded ways
we text an LOL
we text our joyous escapades
we text our trips to hell
perhaps it's now too easy
to just mass communicate
we might make bad decisions
in our hurry to create
so think before you type
for when you click that key to send
your secrets can turn deadly
when you tell a phony friend

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