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By: moonphish

Page 1, love holds the key...or maybe the sea ?

now, relja loved his nada

with a passion all could see
and all their friends could tell
it would extend eternally
but relja was a soldier
and a war tore them apart
and in a distant country
relja gave away his heart
and nada was imprisoned
by a vow she couldn't break
she still belonged to relja
and could not another, take
to give herself to someone
she considered sacrilege
and so she planned a sojourn
to the summit of a bridge
when relja was her lover
on this bridge they'd often meet
sometimes to watch the sun rise
other times, the moon to greet
and inside nada's pocket
was a padlock she had bought
to symbolize the prison
that her heart had now been brought
and on the lock was written
both herself and relja's name
to her they still were lovers
and that'd always be the same
she took the little padlock
and attached it to the rail
the key was sent cascading
to the river to set sail
their love was not forgotten
through the gesture nada made
and now on certain bridges
you will see a vast parade
there's rows and rows of padlocks
with their keys tossed from above
with names enshrined upon them
on a sacred bridge of love

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