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By: moonphish

Page 1, down down down the rabbit hole


in the days of childhood wonders
the horizon squarely sat
languid summers took forever
with each moment ripe and fat

but as years slipped behind you
a phenomenon took place
the landscape tilted downward
moving at a quicker pace

like a raindrop down a window
like a teardrop down your cheek
a year seems like a month now
and a month seems like a week

the hourglass so slender
surely grows a wider neck
it's a ship that's now capsizing
and it slides you down its deck

it's so hard to get a foothold
and your fingers fail to cling
and the movie grows so blurry
it's dissolving everything

and that long expanse of summer
you remembered long ago
has evolved into a winter
with the roads encased in snow

and the future is much closer
when behind you is the past
and you miss those lovely moments
when time didn't move so fast

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