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By: moonphish

Page 1, all ears

the song you sing is lusty

and the song you sing is sweet
its a hurricane, that's gusty
and a whisper, so discreet
its a song that's full of laughter
and a song that sheds a tear
its a hint of what comes after
when we hold each other near
its a song that leaves you dancing
and a song sang very still
in your voice, i hear romancing
and i know i always will
its a song that's full of thunder
and a song as soft as dawn
casts a spell that i am under
shows the path to walk upon
its a song that is a riddle
and a song of wondrous things
and i'm spellbound in the middle
when i hear the joy it brings
its a song that's very clever
and a song of simple taste
it reverberates forever
not a second will i waste

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