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By: moonphish

Page 1, udderly true

if you believe that life goes on

just like an endless road
then you'll enjoy eternity
in reincarnate mode
but if you think like i do
and there's only death and birth
then grab the cow of wondrous life
and milk it all its worth
if you are scared by failure's threat
and dare not take a chance
then you will never reach the heights
of joy within a dance
but if you think like i do
and prepared for the ascent
then grab the cow of joyful times
and milk it till i'ts spent
if you're contained inside yourself
and let no other in
then this is russian solitaire
a game you'll never win
but i you think like i do
it's this concept you must ban
and grab the cow of amity
and milk it all you can
if petrified to take the gift
that love's prepared to give
then you won't feel its presence
what a sad sad way to live
but if you think like i do
then you'll have the faith to try
and grab the cow of loving arms
and milk it till it's dry

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