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By: moonphish

Page 1, robin truly loves to play farmville

now there are games for playing

and some games for letting be
and some that maybe start out fun
then end in agony
but here's a little story
that will certainly alarm
about the fun
that was begun
when robin bought the farm
she started with a dozen
little plots to grow her seeds
but later on twelve thousand
couldn't satisfy her needs
to have more than nebraska
was a concept filled with charm
a need so bad
it drove her mad
when robin bought the farm
she wanted some new critters
not content with goats or cows
she craved the unicorns with wings
or multicolored sows
to get a sheep with flowers
she would give up her left arm
this little game
was not the same
when robin bought the farm
let's talk about her orchards
an insane amount of trees
a sight to make paul bunyan
fall down on his weakened knees
if visiting, don't harvest
she will surely do you harm
you touch her stuff
and she'll get rough
then YOU will buy the farm

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