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By: moonphish

Page 1, warning : extremely silly

well, i've been to perris, texas

never been to paris, france
but when i see your face, then the commonplace
gets all charged with sweet romance
you've a lovely arch of triumph
not to mention your left bank
when you're in my brain, i just go in seine
i just go crazy, to be franc
you're my pretty eye full tower
a museum that i louvre
when your're standing there, a mere county fair
can become an instant groove
for you can make a hot dog bun
become a sweet french toast
you can keep versailles, your love makes me high
i just point at you and boast
i'm a man of very humble roots
and a king i'll never be
cause i'm just a hick living in the sticks
but with you, i'm royalty
and for you i'd get up orly
and to a sidewalk cafe, fly
i'm a big galoot but you're so darn cute
you're so french, you make me fry

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