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Where Am I From?

By: MoxieRoxie

Page 1, another poetry for class. this one was talking about some of my past and how life is.


Where I’m from there are trees in every yard,

And everyone knows your name.

Were family would always gather and enjoy the time we have.


I’m from the broken down house,

Were basketball hoops pass the time.

Were children play tag an pretend to be a ninja around the whole trailer park,

Where everything is actable and taken to mind


I’m from the family that would have the house smell of fresh made tamales and Pozoel.

The spice filling up our throat as we walk through the door, and

Someone making flan to fill our sweet tooth.


Were I’m from there was books and toys scatted around the floor.

The GameCube up and running with a fan behind, to keep the game going.

CD’s scattered everywhere with in sight showing carelessness around the house.


I’m from a happy family were we are greeted by our grandma,

Where she would call out our names as we are through the door,

The girls are called out as Mejia


Where I’m from you can always see the past.

It’s never too far away, and there are always in pictures hanging around in the houses,

Even videos that we watch over and over again.

An even the future is never far away were I’m from.

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