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love in reverse

Poetry By: MrBizZy

love has its ups and downs without pain there is no love. dont be so fast to let go

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In the beginning it's..........

Summertime fine,
Like that summertime shine

Skylight bright......

Beautiful like fireflies making love
to the night


Watching butterflies take flight
Encouraged by the sight,

of your Like I mean loveeeee.......

But damn that feelings soooo nice!

Everything feels right.
even when things seem left.


Wrong, your love's strengths....
Too strong!

And sex!....

shit, seasoned with love it
taste the best, Every inch of
every piece every crumb a different

And when love is between

Time is shackled as they
speak, batteries must grow weak
to influence love to fall asleep

You see now towards the middle....

That summertime lost half
it's shine, that bright gets
overwhelming inducing wishes
For wintertime

Them fireflies done lost there
light equipped now with buzzing
sounds and like to sit, you tolerate
it for a while then shoo away once
you endure that itch

And them butterflies still swing by
But sometimes,

They make you sick, everything just
seems to flip

building Indecisive stomachs

Today seems spoiled. while yesterday
it all was rich...

Now, not enough to make you

but that taste just seems
to sit,

You know, when you get them burps
and you taste the food in your spit.

And you know your disgusted but
say fuck it and swallow it

Now your love went from....

Feeling sooo nice! , To yeaaaa... we

And everything isn't so right.
now things just seem alllright.


All wrong, depending on the
type of night and wether your
over y'all last fight

and sex!...

Shit!. Thats the only time
You witness that beginners

Everything still warm like the
Breeze on summer nights


Everything looks good.....

Like..... Like 9/11 before the flight

And.... And I dont mean any harm....

I'm.... I'm just trying to explain this

And.... And forgive me if I'm wrong
but around this time love isn't always

Like... Like now when y'all talk
the convo is interrupted by Dial
tone fights....

See, she's never introduced you
to tone but Had to vent to him
on occasion, because now conversation
to you seems a little less amazing

Now the only thing shackled
is your voice via your lips,
That new low tolerance for
her encouraged you to build
a silent zip

You see now at the end

Them trees done lost all
there leaves.....

And That shine is still there
it's just accompanied with a
colder breeze

Them fireflies turned horse flies
Are looking more like dragon
flies, now your fly swater is
in hand cause they tend to sting
when they stop by

Them Butterflies are still there....

but not alive......

and mentally you fight
to lose em but the thought of that
might moist your eyes

And you pray things get better but
your the only one who wants them
to survive, so it eats you alive keeping
that love dead inside

now that allllright feeling is
substituted with all wrong


Your fighting with yourself on
why you held on for so long

And sex!.

Man........ That shit ain't going on...

if your the one who wanted out she
ain't trying to hear that song

Now everytime y'all speak...
It's arguments till four in the
morning, one trying figure things
out the other tyrna postpone this
until the morning


Wouldn't be what it is without
risks, so next time your love
is fading........

Do me a favor and reread this

Love in reverse

© 2011 viewtifulink


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