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Girl Talk

By: Natural Dee

Page 1, Girls, you know when we get together, we just have to talk about the men in or out of our lives. Eavesdrop on a conversation about a new man found.

To those who are watching and waiting.......

Girl, let me tell you about this man I know,

He works hard
(I mean a real 9 to 5)
Pays his bills
(and on time)
Takes real good care of himself
( body clean,
smelling just right,
pants that fit,
not falling off the waist
and not too tight)

This man reads, writes and speaks
(a brother with intellect and skills to match)
He is kind and respectful
(knows what he likes,
willing to try something new)
Spends just enough time with his friends
(and all his extra time with me)

I see you looking at me funny,
and I know what you’re thinking,

He’s got a smile, as bright as the sun
(and sexy like no one)
His hands know just where to go
(my body trembles at his touch)
From his lips,
words melt my heart,
kisses ignite flames.

Now I see you laughing, but you have to understand
This man is not like any other
(you have to search to find him)
He’s not the one with a fancy car,
gold or diamonds on every finger,
sitting in a club

He may have a thing for cartoons,
games or toys
( you know, the one you always see at the laundry mat,
the grocery store,
or at the dump wh
en you leave your trash)

The point is, don’t give up
keep watching and waiting
He’s out there
hoping to find you too...

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