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A Poem To Ned and Others my Heart Could Not Have

By: Ned Flanders

Page 1, I wrote another poem for my darling Ned Flanders, and others my heart could not have. <3


You started it all,

My heart started beating,

When you came on the television,

You struck a cord,

But not you alone,

You reminded my of another,

Dare I not say his name,

(It was Kevin)

I won't play that game,

I couldn't have him either,

But not because he was fiction,

He was real!

And married,

And old enough to marry my mother.

Alas, there was another,

This time I really won't give his name,

He was real, and my age,

Alas, just the same,

He was not interested in me,

Not as I in him,

He wanted another,

Actually that's not true,

He just didn't want me,

But maybe he'd like you.

There are many more men,

That have left me heart broken,

But not like you Ned,

You've kept my heart knockin',

I still have hope for us,


Our love,

Isn't dead.

So that's my story,

I hope you liked it,

And if not,

then just go BITE it.

Ned forever, baby.

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