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A Time of Peace

By: needtobreathe555

Page 1, I wrote this after my parents divorced, and I kept on thinking it was my fault, and wished I could go back in time to when we were happy.


I walk through a land of long ago,

and I’m taken back to a time of peace,

I remember the rustle of the old oak tree,

followed by the ringing of my father’s voice

It’s always sad thinking of old times,

Times of happiness, better times than today,

and I know that it’s time to let go of the past,

but I find it heartbreaking, somehow.


When I think of that time, that lovely time,

of ages and ages ago,

and I think about where time went wrong,

I can’t help always crying aloud,

because I feel like it was all my fault.


I try to fix it, I try to mend,

but the seams fall apart more and more,

and I think, “Oh, I’ve done it again..”

and I’m struck with a guilt far worse than before. 

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