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Forever Faceless in the Crowd

By: needtobreathe555

Page 1, Sometimes you feel as though you just want to blend in, in your own little bubble, and be left alone.


                        The world, as of today, can be a cruel place,
                         Where you don’t dare step out of line,
                        Out of fear of being shunned and replaced,
                        Shoved in the dirt, covered in grime.
                        As for me, I prefer to blend in.
                        A simple wallflower - of sorts.
                        Not intending to go “above and beyond”,
                        Yet never “coming up short”.
                        There is still a small part of me,
                        Believing the world isn’t so bad,
                        And that I can still be the original me,
                        Instead of this poser that I am.
                        But, for now, the world will be flamboyant and bold,
                        While I will become “last season” and old,
                        But happy, living beneath my shroud,
                        Forever faceless in the crowd.

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