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Keep Hope in Your Heart

By: needtobreathe555

Page 1, I wrote this poem to give me exactly what the title implies, hope. Its a bit hard to keep up happy spirits when the world on your shoulders, isn\'t it? So, I wrote this for me to read when things in my life got really bad, just to add a little light to my day.


                        To those out there, who think there is nothing left,

                        Who feel no serenity, no joy, no pleasure,

                        No resolution, no end to this constant torment,

                        There is one word, one beautiful word, for you to remember.

                        That one, saving grace of a word, is hope.

                        Hope contains promises of tomorrow,

                        A mind, finally at peace,

                        A knowing that there will always be other chances,

                        A clean slate, a fresh start,

                        A new chapter in your life,

               When the universe is crashing down on you, always remember,

               Hope is the word to keep close in your heart.

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