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Soliloquy of a Heart

By: NicolasGrabowski

Page 1, I wanted to create a new style of poetry. Something that merged old style writing with a newer style. I call it an Octriskian Poem. This poem is about starting fresh, being happy, and the struggles that come with both.

The own art of repairing reminiscent tones
                    trying to resist
So dissonant and clear, hath one not had enough?
                    hath given a new light
In-sane, in and out of veer
                    our own sacred sharing
Love thus showed me seared   
                    under a myth of tongue
In and down, thy mirror basks the fate
                    awry from our ancient bones
Subtle attempt leads diminished rejects
                    relayed through thy fallacies
For what do lines lead to?
                    eager to learn
When all but ceases to exist
                    for what is the world but life and death?
Perhaps one’s love breathing like a rose
                    in prose we speak
In the midst of lips from so shallow within
                    needless to be still
Leaves thy own question to breathe
                    echos conceal the haunting
Thou shall never appeal
                    sedated by thy hands of time
Behold the soliloquy of the heart
                    to find out is to succeed


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