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This is What Happens

By: ninjacat42

Page 1, Yeah


There's nothing worth having if you're not worth having it.

Your world will not revolve around you when the shadows are home.

Live in the dark in the mind.

Live a life without life in it.

Take the things given to you and set them aside when no one is looking.

Take nothing else.

Pretend you have extra.

Smile even if you don't have the power to do it for real.

You're always fine.

You're always avoiding the question.

Terrified of being pressed.

Pretend for opinions.

Pretend for emotions.

Always know who's behind you.

Reminding yourself they don't care.

Reminding yourself someone else always comes to their mind first.

They will never know.


Protecting yourself keeping from telling.

Turn to what helps.

Keep it close.


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