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The pain nobody seems to see

By: Nora Yang Hitatori

Page 1, This poem is about the feelings I feel, it holds the truth of actually what I feel. It shows that its so hard to have a friend ship with someone who is just a fake it is hard to live happy when people actually don\'t see your pain and agony your going through. You wish with all your heart that someone can stand by your side with out stabing you so deep in the heart and the back.

I stair blankely at the board
Yet my mind is spinning
My stomach is turning
and my life is upside down

I feel upset, I feel sad
Yet so confused
My face experssion is all but tired
and nobody seems to see

The banging sound inside my head won't leave
Yet the throbing pain inside my chest is lasting much to long
My mind has to many thoughts to think stairt
and my friendships give me no truth to see

I always wonder what road I'm on
Yet I always seem to get so lost
My sense of direction is my sense of failure
and now I'm ready to collapse and cry

I'm lost in this world so big compared to me
Yet there are signs to lead me
My friends is what I follow
and though I try to follow my heart and gut to lead me

I know what others may say
Yet I want to feel right for once
My friends and other people are always proving me wrong
and now I feel like I'm nothing

I wake up in the morning that this day will be different
Yet again its the same as always
My head starts spinning so hard
and the tears start to rush back to my eyes

I hide behind a mask that makes people think I'm always tired
Yet the real truth is actually hidden in my eyes
My eyes show what I'm actually feeling and how things are actually going for me
and nobody looks you in the eyes it's like they're trying to avoid the truth

The truth is, I want to live a happy life
I want my friends to know what I'm actually going through
I wait for them to see how I'm actually feeling
and yet one question, one answer and nothing more

So the pain grows and the tears fall
Yet they fall behind a mask of happiness and sleepyness
My heart flows through in my soul
and nobody can see because my eyes are always hidden

Now I shall wait with every second
Yet cry in pain and agony
All alone were nobody can hear my screams and crys
and all alone were nobody seems to notice me

So I wait, and wait for someone to come and save me
Save me from this pain and agony
Save me from my world of darkness and bring me into the light
I want a true friend and a true life to follow


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