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Missing You R.i.P

By: Novoa91209

Page 1, love and death

watching the days goes by wishing to stop the clock from ticking.

days becomes years ive watch you slip before my eyes.

ive seen the pain and the tears that hide in your eyes.

God decided it was time to set you free

as he took you ive begged for you to stay .

so selfish of me i told god you was mine.

as he took you , you smiled one last time.

looking into your beautiful green eyes.

i saw that the pain was over.

god has set you free with a never ending smile.

as heaven welcome you. i carried you to your resting place.

i close my eyes and quietly pray  as the tears rolls down my eyes

god sliently says i wouldnt never send something a person couldnt handle.

my last goodbye turns into ill see you later

sleep peacefully my beautiful angel.




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