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Poetically Incorrect.

By: Ohioguy

Page 1, This was something of an exercise, I guess. It\'s an experiment! Depicting my perspective on poetry and my own experiences with it (not necessarily on this site)! It\'s humorous, really. Don\'t take it seriously.

There's something so simple -

instinctual, about this.

It's a fictional reaction.

Filled with marginal distractions.

On a level which may seem a bit..



Not quite physical,

but too literal to be simply mental.

It's imagination, with an infatuation -

and emphasis on the emotional.


Stricken with infamy,

for being a bit lacking - morally.

But if I don't take it seriously,

everyone's alright with me.

So obviously,

I have to do the opposite religiously.


It's something of a mystery,

but that's not spoken sadly.

I'm just happily,

Exercising my ability -








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