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That's Normal.

By: Ohioguy

Page 1, Talks about lies and dishonesty for -your- \"benefit\".

See that Mountain?

It's not as tall as it looks, I promise.

It's just steep enough, to give you a challenge.

Get a little, closer. Can't you see the bliss?

Of ignorance!


See that Fountain?

It's the fountain of youth, but don't let it fool you.

It's just poisonous enough, to make you grow old.

Turn away and, just keep walking where you're told.

Straight to your certain -



See that Forest?

It's magical and it lasts forever,

but whatever you do don't, listen!

All of the trees and all of the flowers, they whisper.

Whispers filled with dangerous stories of sorrow and heartache..

And the truth!


See that Mirror?

Your journey is almost over.

Take a look, and don't be afraid..

if you don't recognize yourself!


That's normal.




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