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By: padrine

Page 1, a warning on HIV/AIDS


Now what on earth could that be?


Hello there! You're talking ‘bout me!


Yes! The virus called Aids. That's me.

People just don't get it yet

 I ruin many a family

With a decease not easy to forget


I am no one's playmate

if you want to dice with me

Just realise that your fate

Will be in my hands, so too your destiny


You play Russian roulette

With your life that is so precious

You don't know me yet

I can be really vicious


I don't come with a noise so loud

For you to prepare for my invasion

My reputation is doing me proud

And I don't need any persuasion


I'm no respecter of person, colour, creed or age

It doesn't matter whether you rich or poor

You can meet me at any stage

at the slightest opening of a door


when you live irresponsibly

that's all it takes to be invited

for me to invade your body happily

ooh, I'm getting all exited


there's no where that you can run

once I have a grip on you

if you insist to go after the fun

you'll reap your reward, when it's due


I urge you to make the right choice

For the choices you make, make you

In the end you will rejoice

If what you chose was true


Beware my friend, beware

Don't play with me

For now I'll call you friend, beware

Once I have you, you'll never again be free ! 

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