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By: padrine

Page 1, life sometimes gets to you


My hands are tied

My mind exhausted

Whereto from here

Thinking that way

Trying this side

To and fro

Like waves breaking

One after the other

Without direction

Without purpose

Is there a light

At the end of the tunnel

All I see is a cloud

Without the silver lining

I'm sinking lower

Into the dark pit

How far will I go

Deep within my soul

There is a thread

In my heart I know

It will not let go

It's stretching,

It's beckoning, pulling

Against the force

 To lift me up

To lift me out

It fights, it struggles

Refusing to release

It's precious hold

Hold on, hold tight

Lest I loose this fight

I cant give up,

I cant give in

This inner battle

I have to win

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