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By: padrine

Page 1, when you see or hear the word emotion, you think love, you think hate, you thind cry, you think laugh. it posses the bright and the sad


A baby being born

Fills you with apprehension

To witness this miracle

Is beyond comprehension


A child peacefully asleep

To gaze upon its face

Is perfection on display

Evil has yet to leave it's trace


When he says "I love you"

Time momentarily freeze

A spirit is now soaring

On love's gentle breeze


Happiness makes you laugh

It also makes you cry

It's puzzling to the mind

So don't even try


Tis only a few sides

 emotion can display

It also has the might

To cast life in disarray


Oblivious of it's sting

A soul it can destroy

The intensity of the pain

That strips from every joy


A heart gripped tight

 With feelings of rejection

 in a split of a second

Ican burst in jubilation


One minute it will take

The next it wants to give

For a moment it brings death

Soon returns a reason to live


Emotion, full of complexities

Now it may bring grief

As soon the page is turned

It can explode into relief


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