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By: padrine

Page 1, dreams are free. here you can escape any situation and be in your ideal place.

What have you to loose

When you dream you can choose

Who you want to be

The places you want to see

The things you want to do

where you can be you


So great to get lost

you don't have to count the cost

of living in a dream

where everything will seem

so real, so true

and you can be just you


to dream is to live

to grasp what life has to give

in your own secret place

time cease to exist, even space

it is only you and you alone

all else around you is gone


if you don't dream, you're dead

there's whole new world inside your head

take the time and flee

to a world that is carefree

close your eyes,  it is yours to seize

go ahead, it is yours to release

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