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By: padrine

Page 1, i was contemplating divorce. did not know what to do. Just felt so totally confused and tired of all the struggles


  In a state of confusion

Where to from here?

Was it all an illusion?

My heart is gripped with fear 

A decision I have to make

Should I go here or there

There is so much at stake

This is more that I can bear

 A big struggle all my life

So many ends to meet

Confusion and anxiety is rife

Don’t want to end up in the street

 Longing for peace of mind

A life free of stress

Will anyone be so kind

To help me to progress

 Is this all wishful thinkingT

o have a life that is good

In my eye a tear is blinking

forlorn, I need to be understood

 just a little faith and hope

a little strength to endure

trusting that I shall cope

with that which is so unsure

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