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A Childs Cries

By: PaigeNicole

Page 1, A short poem about children crying out for help and no one coming.

The screams echo in the night
Cries for help, shrieks of pain
Prayers whispered in the shadows
When no one came.
Where do all the screams go?
Do angels hear the cries?
Is that what rain is,
The tears falling from their eyes?
They say only God sees all
Or does he look away?
Maybe he can’t handle
What the world’s become today.
A silent cry is whispered
In the middle of a storm of rage.
Do the cries reach heaven?
Or get trapped in Satan’s cage?
Is it the angels’ angelic voices
That fill the heavens’ skies?
Or is it the screams for help
When a child cries.



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