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Little Goldfish

By: parkelis

Page 1, Let freedom ring.

Little goldfish,
my little Goldfish,
I've heard it all before;
led me to one, another snore.
I get you.  
I'll never forget you.
Keep swimming round that tank,
round that 1-gallon tank.
Barred in from all fronts,
already forfeited the hunts.
I get you.
I'll never forget you.
To hide, there's nowhere.
To get away from the world, there's nowhere.
The scope of imagination has found its limit.
Who else has got to take a bullet?
I get you.  
I'll never forget you.
I'm trapped in a house that's not my home.
Where do I belong, where's my true home?
Here, I am powerless to the ones above.
Someone show me freedom or an ounce of love. 
I get you.  
I'll never forget you.

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