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Forgiveness Journey.

By: Poetlife

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Forgiveness Journey.

(c)29/8/2009. By Poetlife.

Come with me


Forgiveness journey,

I have started

I offer you this gift,

With each step


Hurtful memory, mis-understanding


The past, laid to the past.

Heal the scar,

Close the holes

Caused by nails of hurt,

Resentment, long rusted,

Nails have perished

With years of expressed rancour,


Can we heal the scars?

Fill the holes

With forgiveness?

I pray with the Creators help

We will.

I don't want

Un-forgiveness any more

I want forgiveness

I forgive you

As you forgive me.

Is the pain, hurt you caused me ok?

No it's not.

Do you forgive me?

That's up to you.

I don't want to continue on

Along un-forgiveness path.

My journey starts


Forgive me as

I forgive you.

If our paths cross,

May we acknowledge

Our true faults

That hurt one another.

My journey of forgiveness,

Moves ever on.

Your's is your concern.

Foundation of forgiveness

Is peace.

I am working on mine.

I pray we can reach

A place of peace,

Together or alone.

I seek forgiveness, and peace


Creator knows each need, hurt, heart,

I can not live your dreams,

Don't tell me who you

Want me to be,

Accept me for who I am.

I wish your forgiveness journey

Is healing

And you reach peace,

At your journeys end,

As do I.

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