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N -A -I -V -E.

By: Poetlife

Page 1, I have been called many times in life naive, my words, my writing, my art.This work is to answer all those who have. Hope you may relate?

Is it hard to be naive?


Searching for who you are?

Living each day

In a blank space?

In the human race.


Trusting so called relationships?

Truthful they not always are

Give life a heavy blow.


Not knowing

Truth of your days? Life?

Simple minded?

Go with the flow.


Betrayed trust?

Is it good?

I suppose many know?


I think it's better

To be naive,

In certain circumstances

Don't you?


Yet, as the saying of

Old goe's

To be informed

Is to be

For- warned.

I agree.

To be naive


Also good.

Dont you agree?

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