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By: Poetlife

Page 1, Rainbow, God\'s promise,(One of them),Rain,sky,colours,covenent.

Rainbow Colours.

(c) 25/2/2013. By Poetlife.


Arch of seven colours

In the sky.

Formed by the promise


Our Creator.



The suns rays,

Drops of falling rain in the sky

Opposite the sun.

God's everlasting convenent

To all life,

Fill our lives.

We wear as a garland of many colours.

Colours from The Mind of God

In His hands we stay.

(See Genesis. 9;16

Revelation. 4;3

Seven colours(One of them) of The Lord.

See the Bible/dictionary.Joseph's coat on many colours .Genesis 37;-50

& 37;3,

Was it the colours of the rainbow? God's promise of what was to come in his life?.)

I saw a triple rainbow over the ocean.

Circle of rainbow colours round the full moon.

Rainbows are seen in all life/nature.

Are we blind?Do we see them?

Do we read/see signs in the sky, life, society, nature?

Open our eyes/hearts Lord,

Awaken us from deep sleep.

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