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Write It Down Get It Out.

By: Poetlife

Page 1, Its an advise poem-from personel life journeys.

Write It Down -Get It Out. (c) 17/4/2010)

Write it down

Get it out,

Heal within your mind, body, heart, soul,

Use brush to paint

Pen is a healing tool,

When you let it's ink grow, flow

Brush strokes away woes,

Write it down

Get it out

Heal with your mind, body, heart, soul.

Pages of life's hours

Can be healed,

When you

Write it down

Get it out.

Keep a note book just for you,


Get inspired to share your views.

Poetry is a painting in words,

Colour your feelings,

Wash the page of life

In shapes, shades, of delight or sorrow.

Wisdom instructs not to use names

Get it out all the same.

Tear it up, share let it remain

A secret closed book


Your inner thoughts, journey, self discovery

Each and every hour,

Peace, healing, joy

Will come.

Try it,

I have found it's best,

To hold your tongue

Invitation to

write it down get it out.

You will see a different view,

I wish all the best, healing for you.

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