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144 PROOF RIGHT part 3

By: poewhit


The door closes on Mayhem.

HAY!!! back.....Yea, double wine two ice cubes.

[ok] - what"s new??????

Talking to the homeless vet. *park bench time*.

Told me - Sabbath Saturday - talking to the bum-repent.

Blame Constantine for Sunday - SHOOK ME GOOD.

All sun worshipers - so Sunday - SOL ROMANS.

Who's to tell the Empire different.

"wine tastes good" grew from that.

Don't tell the Pope that. "EARTHQUAKES".

Hear about the Wall Street regs.

YEA - like trying to collar snakes.

GOLDHAND - said the same.

7 year old trans hooker doing well.


[another double wine-two cubes].

Heard there building a tent city farm community.

[economy, though what can one say].

YEA well - see you soon.


*follow line to door.


5/6/2010 POEWHIT


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