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By: poewhit


HAY, I just came from Grand Dad's house and he

gave me this old leather bag full of marbles. GEE !!

let's play marbles.OK. Let's draw a circle.There let's

pour them out. OH, they look old. Here you yake a

shooter and I have one. WOW, that marble broke.

Looks like glass. Your shot, WOW, that one broke.

Your shot, that one broke. Looks like it is crying.

HEEEE, HEEEEE, Your shot, that one broke.

Same again, it broke.

GEE, today is the Sabbath, maybe GOD is telling us

something.I read in ISH: 58 13-14 about he Sabbath.

Maybe we should pray and talk to GOD.

2/8/2010  POEWHIT


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