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The memory of my childhood friendship

By: princeidris22

Page 1, true childhood friendship and how people seem to use growing up as an excuse to forget friends

 you said you will always be there for me, you promised you will always cherish what we had.
you made me believe  that true friendship existed. i thought i found it in what we had but i have never been more wrong. i was willing to travel miles to save our friendship. To me our friendship was worth the whole world. i knew something was wrong when all of a sudden you stopped returning my calls. when i see two friends walking by, it reminds me of what we had.
sometimes i ask myself what went wrong with us. we had unique friendship when we were kids, now i feel deserted by you. was this another way of loosing someone close to you or did our turning  into adults destroy what we had. i always thought our friendship was unique. If only i knew our growing up would affect what we had, i would have preferred to remain that innocent child we were.

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