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the balance of life

By: princess onika auguste

Page 1, about how life is balance

The balance of life
balance of life

When there’s love
There’s hate
When there’s war
Peace is here
Revenge is often
But justice prevails
Discord is the world
Joy is heaven
When terror comes
So comes harmony
When grace appears
So does strife
When there is a sky
There’s a sea
Animals roam the earth
Plants beautify the planet
The sun is here
And so is the moon and stars
Good exists
So does evil
We have guardian angels
But we also have demons assigned to us
There’s night
And there’s day
When dawn appears
So does dusk
Light is the symbol of good
Darkness is the symbol of evil
Sorrow is frequent
But happiness is everlasting
There is life
There is death
Hell is hot and like a dungeon
Heaven is paradise
God is king
Satan is a liar
So remember good and evil must always be in balance
And we all have both a light side and dark side
And which side we choose to nurture is who we become
And that folks is the balance of life

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