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Afflicted with Madness

By: Psychosis The Tormented

Page 1, This is my life at this moment

Madness is pain

Pain so severe

it dulls your soul

and warps your brain

life - live

it doesn't exist anymore

you do anything to feel alive

pay women to choke you to make you half dead

just to stop the maddening words running through your head

looking down after their torture and looking how much you bled

crying tears of the painfullest red

not knowing whether you're alive or dead



depressing, sad, budening , heavy, they're not enough words to describe

the feelings in you that reside

when human laws of emotion your soul does not abide

true isolation is a scream unheard

its just as sad

as a clipped winged bird


the saddest loss of all

not feeling anything right

you stumble and fall

no one knows how much hurt you feel inside

They ask "how are you doing"

you reply "i'm alight" LIES!

you're far from alright

you haven't slept for days

you've stayed up suffering and sobbing all night

Maddness is an ignored insanity

that know cares to hear

the voices, the confusion, the pain , the suffering, the lonliness, and the eventual death

is what I fear.

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