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Freedom do we really have it?

By: Psychosis The Tormented

Page 1, just another question i ask myself everyday

What is freedom?

Are we truly free?

I feel there are many things that come with freedom that I don't know

my African ancestors

many years ago

desired freedom from tyranny

freedom from slavery and oppression

sometimes thinking about their struggles

I feel unworthy


Brave men and women fight for freedom

and this country will always war

to fight for liberation

against the enemies of democracy

to keep this country from becoming

an autocracy


The main question are we truly free

and if we are, are we grateful?

every democracy has its problems

but whether we have a competent president is debatable

I won't expand on that because talking about your president(even if he's not a good one in your opinion)

is disgraceful


Understanding the concept of freedom

is something we should reflect

freedom  is an expensive gift

that many places lack

what is freedom?

if you have it

you should always

ponder that






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