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I am not one of you

By: Psychosis The Tormented

Page 1, I have no description for this, its just pain .

I am a demon

And you can clearly see by my face

the hell where I come from

is and awful ,wretched place

I've seen things that would sicken you

I've been tortured beyond pain

and not allowed to sob or cry

though it wouldn't it just be lifeforce wasted in vain

I am some sort of creature

who truly does depise you

I hate the fact that you can be happy , feel love, and be free

while the evils of this world cling to me

I really don't hate you

Its just this torture in my life never ends

no matter what I do

I am a vile animal

on the verge of death

people are anticapating

my last breath

won't they be dissapointed

when they find

no money I have left

I am in eternity

and yes, hell is just as bad as they say

its so hot and miserable

you wanna fall to you knees and scream

"God why when I had the chance, why didn't I pray !"

I don't because to me this is nothing new

this hell is just a might hotter

than i am used too

and while demons slide around and try to do their best

to make my experience

more miserable the all the rest

I laugh at their efforts

their failing the test

There is no punishment more,degrading, painful , and torturous

they can do

than putting an entity on this Earth

who is not like you

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