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Something wrong Something right

By: punne4e

Page 1, Hello Everybody!! How is life? And what’s going good and wrong, nowadays in your life. May you all face’s these- Happy, Yum Yum!!, Delightful, cheering, Hip Hip Hurreah, Come on Charlie, Come on dear, Come on dad, come on mom and so on other lovely,encouraging,motivated Words. Today, it’s my Fourth post here. This afternoon, when I was sitting on my studying chair, out of my house and enjoy the rain. I wrote this, and I think you like it as ever before my other writings. All my best is always with all of you. God bless you All.

Something wrong, Something right

Nothing can always be right
It’s a complete circle
With half negative, and half positively right
Its God gifted life
One half down their shoulder, where other half fight
Like, dislike
Negative, positive
Wrong, right
Merit, demerit
Up and down
Day and night
An average wrong, average right
Is this poetry always be right
Some like and some dislike
The simple thing is…
May some part wrong of it
And other half may right
Today, it’s Rain Shower here
My soul felt something heavy, something light
Half people say, it’s good for weather and agriculture
Other half say
By this, now mosquito will bite
So, now what should do?
Don’t be worrying
Let’s enjoy it
Whereas our heart, pumping bright
It’s a part of life, because.... always
Something wrong, Something right

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