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Life = sucks!!!

By: Quirky Cait

Page 1, this is a poem i wrote durning a dark part of my life and it was a very very very long time ago when i was being stupid.

No where to run.

No where to hide.

The darkness follows no matter what i try.

It gets closer and closer as it grows denser and denser.

It threatens to swallow me up.

 In the pain.

The sorrow.

The hurt.

And this damn world  i dont understand.

I cant do anything anymore.

I try to turn my life around.

But everytime i do something messes everything up again.

I like to fly high.

The higher i fly the better i feel.

I like to drown.

By taking a few drinks here and there.

Drown the hurt.

Drown the sorrow.

Drown the pain.

Drowning makes me beel better too.

The nightmares get worse and worse.

Some are harder to understand.

I wake up crying and screaming.

Wishing it all to end.

Wishing i could die and start my life over again.

No one understands me anymore.

They dont get why i do these things.

I am not trying to hurt myself.


I dont know what to do.

Flying and drowning are the only things that help.

At the time it was a good idea.

Now i aint to sure.

Cause everyone is freaking out and over reacting.

Life seems to be ending slowly.

Its all my fault for being so stupid.

I feel so weak.

So ashamed.

I need this pain to stop.


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