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Blocked (for lack of a better title, it never had one before)

By: raindown

Page 1, This one just made me laugh to write; later to find and read again after it had sat in a box for a while I see it still applies to this day...its not my most poetic work, in fact it may be just plain bad, but its true. Its not that funny either except that its frustrating to feel this way...anyways here it is.

Thoughts wandering down the

passageways of my mind,

find themselves

aimlessly gathering to form a pool of loss and confusion.

As I sit in confinement to my task,

I try to sort them out

one by one,

putting each in its designated category;

unsuccessfully so I fear,

because as each I put in place,

the one before falls back out

and starts the others off as well.

Finding myself amidst all of this scattered array

I am overwhelmed

by the mass

and become


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