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Dance of Ashes (in original formatt)

By: raindown

Page 1, This is the extended version of Dance of Ashes, there\'s also a revised version~I really messed with this one. I only published this alternate version, to humor Peach, who wanted more\'s a bit more wordy, but maybe it will give more insight into the meaning of the Dance of Ashes.

I Want Tomorrow - Enya

Dance of Ashes

A storm head builds before me, stretching across the horizon

The invisible monster of ruined lives comes, to attempt murder.

Nightmarish in measure, infinite in power, feeding on love…


Breaking around me while I am helpless to escape-

The havoc reaped. Has come to be, and unto it I bow. it is the way,

In this dance of ashes.


Crashing magnificently at my feet, gray dust spews everywhere.

I step back mouth agape in silence…

Seeing but not comprehending the wreckage in its wake.


Unnamable specters of death dart here and there,

Tear through the menacing sky close to my ears and all around…

Hair fanning out I turn, hands up in defense


As my world departing all around me, free floats in the sky,

Shooting to the stars, beautiful in death, as in life.

Invisible hands decaying and holy, shred with claw like nails,


Leaflets, upon which written are my dreams.

With shaking hands together I hold my heart.

It can’t take what is in my soul, that is mine. so I smile


And turn into the face of fate, looking to the soot darkened sun,

Drawing from its weakened heat making what I can of it,

surviving from it. Stubbornly, willfully standing upon my stomping shin.


Taking solace with partners in fate, others who would fight

We spin in slow motion, hand in hand, as robes fly

In this dance of ashes.


Desperate humans lost in this monster land seek the sanctuary

Of one another, I am not alone, there are others…

A survivors ball held in a charred palace.


Surrounded by a mist so dense as to comfort weary eyes

That burning with the acrid smoke want to close…

Ignore the explosions of the destruction, behind and all around.


Waltzing upon the remains, we. shoed heels crunching upon,

The bones and coals, carpeting this land of today…

This land of the past, and of tomorrow, but never of the moment;

Yesterdays molds must be forgotten…are dust.

That will become clay; That the brave take up and form

With strong hands paving the new way,


The wise have spoken, have faith! spear handed warriors

Follow the beat of drums; “Bang, bang, bang, bang!”

Ghostly feet impale earth, onward…defying even death.


Possess The Spirit, perseverance; and Keep. Going.

With hope, hitting the floor it is sung;

The song of survival: “Move, move, move, move!” to the erratic beat


Filling empty spaces in breathless lungs,

That albeit burning with the heat refuse to collapse in exhaustion,

In this dance of ashes.

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