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Dance of Ashes

By: raindown

Page 1, Preserverence through struggle, and the power of the dance.


Dance of Ashes


A beautiful storm

Breaks before me,

Nightmarish in measure.

Unto it I bow.


Crashing magnificently

At my feet...

Stepping back in slow motion,

I gasp insilence.


Tearing through the air

All around me...danger.

Hair fanning out,

I Turn.


Worlds depart,

Gracefully shredding.

With shaking hands hold

Together my heart.


Partners in fate,

Spin in slow motion.

Hand in hand, robes fly

In a dance of ashes.


Ignore the explosion

Of destruction, behind.

Into the face of fate,



Beat of drums;

“Bang, bang, bang, bang!”

Ghostly feet impale earth.



Possess The Spirit,

Perseverance; Keep. Going.

With hope, hitting the floor

It is sung.


The song of survival;

“Move, move, move, move!”

Filling empty spaces

In breathless lungs.

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