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Bliss (Death)

By: RaslanGontier

Page 1, Dark Poetry. When things get too much you end it all.

Skeletons caked with mud,
Soon to have a heart,
That pukes blood
Swallowing acid,
Inhaling the sky,
Illuminations of a sunshine
Mourning on dead flowers,
Bleeding in hopes they grow
Forever is a lie...
I'll lay here for death to keep,
On my flesh roaches will feed
Wake me,
When the sun dries old,
Wake me,
When the moon burns out
Can you feel this sensation?
The urge to kill a temptation
With hissing bone,
And the meat of Chronus,
We carved hymns of an eternal eclipse
I heard the pale shade of Kevorkian whisper...
"Ambulate to the end of time,
For death is not a crime."

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