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Friendship Thief

By: Rhensis

Page 1, This is a poem about a true story that happened between two of my best friends:) I wrote this rather quickly, but I had to get the idea down:)

You laughed and played together,
And I was truly happy for you.
You had the best of friendships,
One that I admired so much too.
But then something happened,
Someone else wanted in on the game,
And at first, it was OK,
But it wasn’t quite the same...
But then it crashed and burned,
And I was forced to pick up the pieces,
Of you two, my best friends,
While contending with the occasional bashes.
I watched the other girl smile,
She had won one of you over,
Mary, you left Alice and I in despair,
Going to join someone much, much darker.
Then the end finally came,
She only used you, Mary, to gain coolness
The bonds began to mend
The girl was separated from us.

Now you talk again,
After all that grief,
But one thing remains,
The friendship can never be the same, thanks to that thief.

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