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Norway's Silent Morn

By: Rhensis

Page 1, Originally posted here by me: (chapter 1)


A/N: Written from the P.O.V of Anders Breivik, who commited the terrible crimes in Norway.

Silent morn full of hate,
Encasing my dreams.
Sat patiently behind bars,
Tired of this fate.

Once time was too fast,
But now it's far too slow.
Once life was happy,
Those dreams are now ash.

"How could you?" they ask,
"Why not?" I reply.
Faces grimace and I shed my smile,
Are their hearts truly broken?

Emotion seizes planet Earth,
They can't believe me.
"Why do you kill?" they ask,
"For this hatred to show," I reply.

"You see this as the human race?" they ask,
"I see this as the simple truth," I reply.
Those lost dreams escape me,
For they'll never truly see.   


*The quote is the first line, from the song 'Radio' (He is We)*


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