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'The Protector'

By: Richmaggs

Page 1, These chains are all your own, These chains are confortable, This cage was never locked, Born free but scared to be ....

The Protector




First I protect me,

Then I suspect me,

Next I direct me,

Now I reject me,

Soon I’ll eject me,

So I don’t subject me

To more of my own protection.


Am I evolving?

Perhaps I’m devolving,

I hope I’m absolving,

And I’m not dissolving,

What needs resolving,

For I’m not involving

More of my own protection.


Will I regenerate?

Or merely procrastinate.

I need to accumulate

The will to congratulate

Myself and to speculate

That I wont degenerate

After more of my own protection.


Ad infinitum …



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