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By: rofltaco

Page 1, A poem about the realization of a seemingly impossible love. It\'s been a while since I wrote poetry, and I woke up at three am last night and cranked this one out in a little journal I hardly use but was thankful for at that point!

Can you hear me, screaming to your window?
Will you see me when I’m standing here all alone?
I love the way you look right through me
I love you more than you could ever want me

I’ll pass the test, I’ll run the gauntlet for you baby
My thoughts occupied by your hallowed kiss
I’ll be there to catch you baby, catch the disease
Your loving is infectious, I just can’t resist.

And when I go to sleep, our lips, they almost meet
I’ll wake up from this dream and find you next to me
Reality, it never meant that much to me
With you life has become a living fantasy

This love we share now, amor que compartimos
Feels like nothing could ever come between us
I’ll be yours baby, you’ll be mine
Our love will mock the test of time
You hear that, Father Time?
I said this girl is mine
True love can never die
A feeling so devine

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