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Days Of Our Lives Poem: My Fantasy With My One True Love, Stefano Dimera.

Poetry By: RomanceLover2016

I don't own any names or the soap opera.

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Days Of Our Lives Poem: My Fantasy With My One True Love, Stefano Dimera.

By RomanceLover2016.

"We would be living in a wonderful house",

"Which My One True Love, Stefano Dimera",

"He'll Design and Oversee it's construction himself",

"we'll have a shaded-in big front porch",

"A Big Front Yard, and A Fenced-In BackYard too",

"when you come in our house",

"There will be a closet to hang your coats up",

"when you come in our house",

"You'll see a wide-open foyer",

"With a staircase",

"You'll see a Dining Room",

"Our Dining Room Has A Dinner Room Table",

"Our Dining Room Table Has Six Chairs",

"One at the head of the table",

"Where My Darling Stefano sits at Dinnertime",

"One at the end, where I sit",

"Two More On Either Side Of The Table",

"Where our four children, two girls",

"Ages 4 to 7-years-old",

"and two boys, ages 9 to 11-years-old",

"Would sit at",

"A Kitchen",

"Our Kitchen has a Refrigrator, a microwave, a dishwasher",

"and a kitchen sink, an oven",

"a Laundry Room",

"Our Laundry Room has a Washer and Dryer",

"a Living room",

"our living room has a flat-screen HD tv",

"Our Living Room has a couch, and a recliner",

"A DVD/Blu-Ray Player",

"Our House was looking beautiful in Christmas Lights",

"and Outdoor Christmas Decor too",

"Up-stairs there's Four Bedrooms",

"One Bedroom is for our youngest daughter, Julia (age 4-years-old)",

"She has long dark-brown hair, blue eyes",

"she always looks cute in every single outfit she wears",

"She had a bed with a Disney Princess Comfertor set",

"She also Has Stuffed Animals",

"She also Has Her Favorite Disney Princess Posters",

"Snow White and Cinderella",

"She also has a TV too",

"With Cartoon DVD's",

"and a DVD Player",

"The Second Bedroom is for our next youngest daughter, Jocelyn (age 7-years-old)",

"She has light brown hair, hazel eyes",

"She has a bed, with a pink comforter set",

"She also has a Rainbow Brite and The Star Stealer",

"The Care Bears Movie",

"Pound Puppies and The Legend Of Big Paw",

"And The Hunchback Of Notre Dame Movie Posters",

"She also has a TV with Dvd's too",

"And a Dvd Player",

"The Next Bedroom is for our oldest son, Tyler (age 9-years-old)",

"He has a bed with a blue comforter, a TV with DVD's and a DVD Player",

"He also has, Yu-Gi-Oh The Movie Poster, The Great Mouse Dectetive Poster, The Rescuers Poster, The Rescuers Down Under Poster, and Little Nemo Adventures In Slumberland Poster",

"The Next Bedroom is for our next oldest son, Matthew (age 11-years-old)",

"He's a Big Pokemon Fanatic",

"He Has a Bed with a comforter set",

"His Bedroom Wall has Every Single Pokemon Movie Poster",

"Even on his bedroom door",

"He also has a TV, a dvd player, and Pokemon DVD's",

"We even have a bathroom",

"My Darling Stefano and I has a Master Bedroom, with a Bed, and a Master bathroom",

"Our Backyard is fenced-in, and has a big back porch",

"A Barbaque Grill",

"A Picnic Table",

"A Swimming Pool, and a Trampoline",

"We even have a car and a jeep wrangler too",

"And We're just happy living there".


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